As a filmmaker, I often have to send films around the globe for festivals.

To avoid the recipients having to pay taxes, one is requested to write "Cultural use only,
no commercial value".

This has always been hurting me somewhat. Yes, even my films have commercial value sometimes ;-), but they always have cultural value. That is why I made this tape. To value the value of creation. And to avoid having to write this #*!@%#-declaration every time I send a parcel.

Swiss Films uses it with great pleasure for their sending of films, so why don't you?

It is a not-for-profit art project, good for any cultural value being sent across borders.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Jonas Raeber, Switzerland

Jonas Raeber



this is a roll of cultural-value tape

Cultural Value-tape is orange PVC with green imprint, 2" x 55 (5 x 1600 cm), very user friendly (noiseless) and strong.
Ships from Lucerne, Switzerland, or Chicago, USA (for America).

Please chose from these options or contact me for more (currency is Swiss Franc CHF)